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Public Attributes

ModeInfoBlockCompact Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

Bit8u BankSize
Bit8u BitsPerPixel
Bit8u BlueFieldPosition
Bit8u BlueMaskSize
Bit8u BnkNumberOfPages
Bit16u BytesPerScanLine
Bit8u DirectColorModeInfo
Bit8u GreenFieldPosition
Bit8u GreenMaskSize
Bit8u LinBlueFieldPosition
Bit8u LinBlueMaskSize
Bit16u LinBytesPerScanLine
Bit8u LinGreenFieldPosition
Bit8u LinGreenMaskSize
Bit8u LinNumberOfPages
Bit8u LinRedFieldPosition
Bit8u LinRedMaskSize
Bit8u LinRsvdFieldPosition
Bit8u LinRsvdMaskSize
Bit32u MaxPixelClock
Bit8u MemoryModel
Bit16u ModeAttributes
Bit8u NumberOfBanks
Bit8u NumberOfImagePages
Bit8u NumberOfPlanes
Bit32u OffScreenMemOffset
Bit16u OffScreenMemSize
Bit32u PhysBasePtr
Bit8u RedFieldPosition
Bit8u RedMaskSize
Bit8u Reserved_page
Bit8u RsvdFieldPosition
Bit8u RsvdMaskSize
Bit8u WinAAttributes
Bit16u WinASegment
Bit8u WinBAttributes
Bit16u WinBSegment
Bit32u WinFuncPtr
Bit16u WinGranularity
Bit16u WinSize
Bit8u XCharSize
Bit16u XResolution
Bit8u YCharSize
Bit16u YResolution

Detailed Description

Definition at line 46 of file vbe.h.

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